Finding the Biblical Goddess in the Tree


Now that we’ve seen goddesses living in trees in two cultures that surrounded Israel (Sumeria, Egypt), shouldn’t we be able to find a goddess in a tree in Israel.   Yes, we should!   Here is how we find Her.

To find our goddess in a tree, we have to look into Hebrew.   The word for life in Hebrew is chai familiarly known in the phrase l’chaim – a Hebrew toast meaning “to life.”  Chai is two letters –  hhets and yud.

Another form of the word life is chai’ah or hhets, yud and heh. Below are the words with their Hebrew and English letters lined up (as best I can with this formatting) and with the phonetic pronunciations in parentheses.   Note that Hebrew is written from right to left so the first letter of a word is at the right.

Chai:    yud (ya)     hhets (ch)

      ח     י

Chai’ah:   heh (ha)   yud (ya)    hhets (ch)

        ח      י      ה

The name of Eve in Hebrew is Hhawah hhets, vav and heh

Eve in Hebrew:

Eve:      heh (ha)       vav (va’ or wa’)     hhets (ch)

          ח          ו        ה

In the Bible, the tree of life is the tree of ha-ch-ya-eem (or ha chaim):


mem (im)    yud (ya)      yud (ya)    hhets (ch)    heh(ha)

ה       ח       י         י        מ

What can be gleaned by examining these words and their spelling? 1) The words for life and for Eve are variations of each other.   Eve means life.   2) The word used with the tree of life is the word for life (or Eve) made plural.

In English we make a word plural by adding an “s” to the end of the word.   In Hebrew, there are two ways to make a word plural. One of them is to add the sound “eem” or yud mem to the end of the word.   In English, when a word is plural it means more than one   In Hebrew when a word is plural it can mean more than one but it also has another meaning – it can be mean something bigger, more immense, grander.   For example, in English we would say “one flower” or “two flowers” representing amounts.   In Hebrew, it could be “one flower” meaning a single flower or “one flowers” representing grandeur. “One flowers” is a flower which more: bigger, flower-y, splendid. This is the Hebraic logic behind the title of my book, ONE GODS.

Notice:  The words for life, Eve and tree of life are all variants of each other.   This means that the Tree of Life is quite literally the Tree of Eve.  Next up:  How we know the goddess and The Tree are one.

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