The Serpent in the Bible

The way that the serpent is best known in the Bible is as the cunning traitor who convinces Eve to eat the “forbidden fruit.”  But there are other representations that are less well known.   There are serpent priests, a feathered serpent, a healing serpent and a wise serpent.  (Chapter 13 in 21 Secrets of the Bible).   The serpent priests are the Levites, the feathered serpent is a seraph (Isaiah 30:6), the healing serpent is the fiery serpent that Moses carries on a pole (Numbers 21:8) and the wise serpent appears in Matthew 10:16 “Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Why, then, is the serpent so reviled?  Could the image of the serpent be a Biblical reversal of even more ancient teachings?

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