Huna, 6th principle: All Power Comes From Within.

Hawaiian Flora
Hawaiian Flora
  • The world is what you think it is
  • There are no limits
  • Energy flows where attention goes
  • Now is the moment of power
  • To love is to be happy with
  • All power comes from within
  • Effectiveness is the measure of truth


Sufism is the study of the inner mysticism of Islam.  There is a Sufi story that describes, for me, the concept “all power comes from within.”

A seeker came to a Sufi teacher with a purse containing hundreds of pieces of gold.

“Do you have more gold than this?” asked the Sufi

“Why yes I do,” answered the seeker.

“Do you desire more?”

“Why yes I do.”

“Well then keep these gold pieces for yourself, for you are more needy than I am.  I have nothing yet want for nothing.  You have so much yet you still want more.”


This is my re-telling of a story I found in The Way of the Sufi by Idries Shah and was originally from Attar of Nishapur circa 1100 CE.   I love the succinct way that the story makes us think not only about value in general but more specifically how content we are with ourselves.   The person with all material wealth is discontent while the person with seemingly nothing, really has it all.   If we can’t find peace, contentment, happiness within ourselves, we will not find it outside of ourselves.

Our entire economy today is built on the premise that if we can only have more things then we would be happier. Meanwhile people seem to me to be more restless, more unhappy, less connected.  Advertisements are not only pervasive in our society but they reflect our entire structure of values which is built upon creating discontent in our external circumstances.

It is our life quest to find our inner power and no one and nothing can take that away.


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