Huna, 4th principle: Now Is The Moment Of Power

Unfolding Fern - Hawaii
Unfolding Fern – Hawaii

The world is what you think it is

There are no limits

Energy flows where attention goes

Now is the moment of power

To love is to be happy with

All power comes from within

Effectiveness is the measure of truth

This principle is probably the most familiar to anyone who has studied spirituality of just about any tradition. The past is over. The future has not yet occurred so all we have truly in our lives is the here and now. The more present we can be to our lives, the more energy we will have. I find for myself, the best way to be present is to focus on my five senses. When I am at my most present, I am hearing well, seeing well, as well as smelling, tasting and sensing well.  And conversely, when I focus on hearing well, seeing well, etc . . . I am more focused in the moment.   As an added bonus, my intuition and my memory are both stronger when my other five senses are in full bloom.

Huna actually gives us tools to change our relationship to our past. We can visit the past to heal woundings, especially woundings that we don’t need be carrying into the present because they are no longer happening to us and certainly not serving us any longer.

According to my teacher, Serge Kahili King, in his book Kahuna Healing (pg 70), one of the ways of referring to the present moment in Hawaiian is a phrase.  Quoting him; “one phrase used to designate the present is i keia manawa, meaning ‘in his flow of mana,’ or ‘in this space/time authority.’” Manawa is the Hawaiian term that Serge uses as a short hand reference for this 4th principle.

He also writes of the word for present ‘ano which has alternate meanings of seed and offspring.  The implication of ‘ano is that the present is the seed of the future.   This definition brings us back to the third principle, “energy flows where attention goes.”  The “seeds” or energy of our present will affect our future.   Happy Planting!

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