The Meaning of Separation in the Bible

When the world is created at the beginning of Genesis, God begins by separating out apparent opposites.   Heaven/Earth   Light/Dark Day/Night  Male/Female.   The word used is the Hebrew word BEDEL.    The root letter for this word are the three letters examined in the previous three blogs:  B-D-L.

B or Beit, Beis or Beyt is all that is quintessentially earth, manifest, humanity.    L or Lam or Lamed is all that is quintessentially divinity.   What is between the two letters?  The D which is Dal or Dalet and means door as in a door that swings in either direction.

Traditionally people have come to think of the separation of creation as an iron clad barrier which allows no further contact or communication.  But this is not what the word indicates.   As a word rebus, it is easy to see that between earth (B) and heaven (L) there is a door which is freely swinging allowing continued movement in both directions.

How does this paradigm shift change our thinking?  What repercussions can it have for how we live our lives?

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