When Eve was a Goddess

A Shamanic View of the Bible

Eve was both a tree goddess and the great goddess who gifted we humans with seeds…




Meet Janet

About Me

After a life long interest in comparative religion, I finally answered the call of shamanism almost 20 years ago. I have traveled throughout the world to experience and learn first hand how the mysteries of life have come to be expressed, blessed, honored and lived in differing lands and cultures. I have studied and been initiated into different cultural traditions and now ONE GODS represents my return to my earthly roots, my cultural and ancestral Jewish heritage, the people of the Tanakh.

I have always seen myself as a pagan. While the word has become pejorative, “pagan” simply means countryside or peasant, someone who lives close to the land and in harmony with nature. To those who stop to listen, each landscape has its own vibratory essence, its own music if you will. It was (and still is) pagan peoples who have been nourished by this knowledge, and who have held it in sacred trust through oral, and more recently, written teachings. As the Mystic Pagan, it is my goal to study, explore and experience these knowledges, the wisdom of the land, and it’s various cultural expressions.

Why do I write?

Every day when I open the newspaper, it feels like the world’s fractures are ever deepening. Decisions of world leaders tend to be based fear and on maintaining the power of the already rich and powerful. The institutions of the world are crumbling even as we witness them. The foundations and values of our culture are not serving us. Human beings are in terrible pain, too often fighting amongst ourselves for resources which seem scarce but don’t have to be. The Earth itself is sending out dire warnings with climate change, fires, flooding, droughts and more. We need to re-evaluate our values and find new paradigms for our society. One way to start this process is to look at how the ancients ordered their systems and what lessons they felt were important. By uncovering the older teachings behind the familiar ones we all know, we can learn more about our most ancient roots. Doing so can give us new/old foundations going forward.

With my combination of research ability, personal experience, and shamanic initiations, I am in a unique position to study, evaluate and discuss ancient teachings. By combining research and shamanic experience, I have developed my own form of spiritual forensics to dive deeply into the ancient texts.

My passions:

  • To cultivate the potentials of spirit in our daily lives.
  • To understand how ancient knowledge can change our lives today.
  • To use the profound teachings and knowledge that I gathered over continents and time to challenge society’s thinking and create new paradigms – ones that are nurturing, earth-based and loving – for living our lives.

It is my great honor and pleasure to be able to share these teachings.




Eve as the Goddess in the Tree

This post is a partial review of my last several posts:  It is a passage from my book ONE GODS: The Mystic Pagan’s Guide to the Bible Now that we’ve seen goddesses inhabiting trees in the two cultures closest to ancient Israel, wouldn’t it make sense for there to be a …

Finding the Biblical Goddess in the Tree

Now that we’ve seen goddesses living in trees in two cultures that surrounded Israel (Sumeria, Egypt), shouldn’t we be able to find a goddess in a tree in Israel.   Yes, we should!   Here is how we find Her. To find our goddess in a tree, we have to look into …

The Goddess in the Tree – part 2

Inanna in Sumerian, from a seal ca 2334-2154 BCE.  Artist rendition: Samantha Rudolph In the last post, I discussed the images of the Egyptian Isis in the tree.   Egypt was south of the land of Israel. The land north of Israel also had a goddess who lived in a tree. …

The Goddess in the Tree

She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her. Proverbs 3:18 Trees are very important in our human mythos. In many societies, the tree is actually considered to be the ancestor of humankind with a mythological forerunner related …

Moses’ Message of Oneness

What are the mysteries that Moses and Aaron perform “in the sight of the people?” According to Exodus Chapter 4, they are three bits of magic; throwing his staff on the ground which turns into a serpent and then back again to a staff, turning his hand leprous and healing …

Moses and the Mystery School

There are clues in the Bible that Moses had knowledge of mystery school teachings: The first clue comes from Delphi at Apollo’s temple (photo above).   Inscribed at the temple were the words “know thyself.”  This is a hallmark of mystery school teachings.   A crucial part of “knowing thyself” is recognizing …

Moses as the Son

The Bible explains the root of Moses’ name. “She” is pharaoh’s unnamed daughter: She named him Moses, explaining, “I drew him out of the water.” Exodus 2:10 According to Exodus, the Egyptian pharaoh’s daughter drew Moses out of the water then bestowed a Hebraic name on him – mashah from …

Jacob As Initiate

Note: I used this image which is from Machu Picchu because it is a cave below the mountainous temple.   It was common for ancient temples that soared above the earth to be coupled with caves beneath them for ceremonial work.   It seemed appropriate in the vein of Jacob’s ladder (see …


Available public speaking topics:

  • Hawaiian Adventure Shamanism (Huna)
  • Shamanic Foundations of the Bible
  • Serpents and Seeds
  • Women and Feminism Hidden Within the Hebrew Bible
  • Moses as a Shamanic Figure and a Master of Mystery
  • Was Eve Really Cursed?

All talks and/or workshops can include audience participation along with chanting components using either Hebrew power syllables or Hawaiian breath syllables.