Breath, Song and Creation

Below are posts related to the subject of breath and how breath and its importance shows up in the Bible.  Each posting has a short description and a link to the full post:

#1: Singing Life Into Being

at Jones Beach, NY
at Jones Beach, NY

The wind is “elohim’s breath” or more familiarly “god’s spoken word” that stirs the waters. My favorite way to think about it is that “god is singing” life into being. Breath and sacred word come together as song (or chant) and vibration.

#2:  At Play with the Breath of Creation


As pointed out by David Tame who has written extensively about music; “Life and matter was created through a sacred word or words spoken by the first god or gods in the myths of the Hebrews, the Celts, the Chinese, the Egyptians, the American Indians and the Quechua Maya.”[i]

#3:  GRRR, ROAR, CHIRP and HOWL as Sacred Sounds


Breath and its vibrations contain power – deep, mysterious, sacred power.

#4:  A Biblical Chant

lion's breath

Sacred syllables form the basis of the names of divinity and offer us an opportunity to connect within our bodies to these same energies through the power of breath.

#5:  A Final Thought About Breath


The power of the chant and some ideas for using breath.