A Biblical Chant

lion's breath

I used this photo with this material because of the importance of breath.   As the quote from Job that I’ve been using states:  “Ask now the beasts . . .”  This lion is exhibiting excellent breath.

I had material leading up to this Biblical Chant which I will have to rebuild.   I had discussed the importance of breath and how sacred syllables form the basis of the names of divinity and offer us an opportunity to connect within our bodies to these same energies.   In the meantime, though, for those following this blog I will redo this chant.

The sacred syllables of power I discussed were ah, ha, el, al, la, hu and ya.   To review:  The western term Hallelujah in its original form is AL-LA-HU-YA  which literally means “praise Ya.”   Ya is a shorthand of YVHV.    Different Bibles translate this differently.  It is often seen as “Praise the LORD” or “praise God.”  Here Hallelujah as praise is used in Psalm 150:1, the King James Bible:

Praise ye the LORD. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power.
Psalm 150:1

Written phonetically in its original Hebrew (and only using the praise phrases):

Ha-lu-ya, Ha-lu-el, Ha-lu-hu

This creates a wonderful and very powerful chant, which I might add, comes directly from the Bible.   When doing this chant be sure to sit or stand in a comfortable position with a straight spine.  Take deep breaths.

  • Breath in
  • Breath out:  Ha-lu-ya
  • Breath in
  • Breath out:  Ha-lu-el
  • Breath in
  • Breath out:  Ha-lu-hu

Repeat at least 5-10 times.   ENJOY!