When Moses Was a Shaman

The Bible is full of awe-inspiring magic while also serving to record some of history’s most human stories. Its roots are steeped in the quintessential riddles surrounding life’s origins and mysteries. When Moses Was a Shaman delves into Moses’s most famous legends to unlock hidden shamanic knowledge. This book explores how the stories of Moses’s life have had an indelible influence on modern-day human experience. Come to discover a radically new and inspiring take on some of the oldest tales of the Bible. Take a deep dive into some of the most breathtaking moments of Moses’s life including:•The hidden mysteries of his early years•His mystical discovery of the Burning Bush•His thrilling life journeys across esoteric, otherworldly thresholds •The dramatic parting of the Sea of Reeds•His personal interactions with divinity•His connections with fire, serpents, seeds, Venus, and the moonRachel Pollack writes of Rudolph’s work: “Janet Rudolph is an outlaw scholar of the best kind.”Judika Illes writes: “It is rare to read a book with as many “aha!” eureka moments as Janet Rudolph’s fascinating and scholarly – yet accessible – When Moses Was a Shaman”

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ISBN-13: 9780986279515
Publisher: FlowerHeartProductions
Publication date: 07/01/2019
Pages: 160

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