Psalm 104:24


Collage from Africa

I have just returned from a most excellent trip to Africa.   It is amazing and inspiring to see and experience the varieties of life.  The collage above shows a few of the birds that I saw and photographed.  This is but a small percentage of the birds that exist in this region of the world.  But even with this small sampling it is hard not to be in-awe of the magnificence of the Earth and the acts of creation that have made it all fit together.  Being so inspired I have created a new translation of Psalm 104:24

Here is the traditional King James Version:

O LORD, how manifold are thy works! in wisdom hast thou made them all:

the earth is full of thy riches

Here is the Mystic Pagan Version:

Mother/Father Creator! Mysterious and abundant is your artistry:

in wisdom, wholeness and treasure, consecrated to Earth.

Here are the words which make this translation possible:

LORD is YHVH which is a combination of the supernal male (Y) and the supernal female (HVH or EVE).  First word is “mah” (“how” in KJV) which also means the sea as a place of mystery, “rabbu,” manifold in the KJV also means abundant, the word for works can also mean artistry, the word “kullam” meaning “all” is a fascinating word which also refers to making something whole or full, and the word for “riches” also means the building of a nest to hold the seeds.  Seeds are the primal treasure, which bring life to earth in both the physical and spiritual realms.


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