The Mystery of the Serpent

Beginning to unravel the mystery of the serpent in the Bible:  It must be remembered that the serpent is responsible for Adam and Eve leaving the garden.  According to the Bible it is the “fault” of the serpent that Adam and Eve ate the fruit which causes their expulsion.  But think about this?  The tree is Eve’s tree.  The tree is named after her.  It is the tree of life. The name Eve means life, making it in actuality the tree of Eve.  She doesn’t need the permission of the serpent, a deity or anyone to eat from her own tree.  It is her right.  It is more than her right, it is an expression of her essence.  In fact, if she doesn’t eat from the tree, she would never leave the garden of Eden bringing herself/ her life essence to fruition here on Earth.  If it is the serpent who midwifed this process, then the serpent as well is responsible for bringing/birthing life here on Earth as we know it today.  This is not a curse at all, but a precious blessing.

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