Legalization of Marriage for All

Last week the Supreme Court legalized marriage for gay couples with all the rights of hetero couples.   HOO-RAH!  It is well past time.   In some “religious” strongholds people are resisting saying that the tradition of marriage between one man and one woman goes back to the Bible.   Adam and Eve, they say, created the template which makes only hetero marriage acceptable.   Actually, this is not the case.   The name Adam means “red earth” and the name Eve mean “life.”   So the template of marriage is actually between the earth and life itself.   In other words creation.

In ancient times there was the teaching of hieros gamos which meant sacred marriage.   These teachings often occurred within the ancient mystery schools.  This was not an external marriage but an internal one that each human – each human with a divine spirit – needed to experience to live a complete life.   It is the marriage of opposites within ourselves.    The marriage of the aspects of ourselves which we identify as feminine with the aspects of ourselves which we identify as masculine.    The marriage of the light and dark WITHIN ourselves.   The marriage of heaven and earth WITHIN ourselves.   The marriage of spirit and matter WITHIN ourselves.

The secret sacred lesson is that all things which may appear to be opposites are in truth, different aspects of ONENESS.

The serpent is an excellent symbol of oneness because it can be seen as both earthly and heavenly, as well as male and female.

Notice that in the sacred marriage there is not the dysfunctional focus that we stress in our own culture of the shape of one’s genitals and the performance of the sexual act.   True, sex is the foundation of human creation, the coming together of opposites.   But the true lessons is that the coming together of opposites has many forms and functions and that is part of the Great Mystery of our lives.

Bet the Supreme Court didn’t take any of that into consideration in their decision!

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