Hebrew Hieroglyphics

Ancient Hebrew was written with pictographs much like (and sometimes the same as) Egyptian hieroglyphs. Hieroglyph literally means sacred script. Glyph means writing and hiero means sacred or holy.   In this and my next few posts I am going to look at three letters which form a very important word in the Bible. It is a word we are all familiar with but in common translations appears very different than its pictographic meaning.   I will reveal the word and its importance when all three letters have been presented.

Ancient letters put together form a rebus or a word puzzle which helps us to understand its original meaning.   These meanings are frequently lost when the text is translated into English.

The first letter is B which is translated as beyt, beis or beit. The letter in Hebrew means “house” or “home.” Here is the letter in modern script: נ. The letter in ancient script looks like this: beit

The pictograph of B is considered by many to be the inside layout of a tent from the time period. The entrance to the dwelling or home is in the upper left corner and there is a separation between the men’s and women’s sections (with the women’s section being the interior).   There is, however, another meaning to this pictograph.   It can be seen as the very center of a labyrinth. Labyrinths and spirals have long been considered to be the womb of the great mother goddess. What is born through such a pathway? Life here on earth. In fact throughout Neolithic Europe, figurines of goddesses can be found which have the symbol of the ancient B inscribed on Her belly, Her womb. (Note: I have several of these images in my book ONE GODS: The Mystic Pagan’s Guide to the Bible.)

So the letter B can mean all that is quintessentially Earth material.   All that has been birthed from the Great Goddess.   It represents our home here on the Earth which includes us in our mortal bodies.

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